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Food industry 111

Ariana Nasim Shamal Company operates in the field of production and packaging of various processed products of cereals, cereal bran, production of tea, herbal tea and baby food at the highest level of quality and in accordance with the standards of the world, with the attitude of developing the culture of healthy food consumption. In order to continuously improve and systematically manage quality, this holding has used occupational health and safety and environment for the satisfaction of consumers.

Ariana Nasim Shamal Holding in Babolsar city under the management of Mr. Mohammad Reza Baba Netaj was started in 2013 on a plot of land with an area of 4000 square meters and a building size of 1000 square meters. And on 22/10/93 in the presence of provincial and city officials with a budget of 200 billion Rials. It was opened at a completely personal expense. This factory is in 6 different phases including: 1- production and packaging of rice, wheat, barley, oats products 2- dried vegetables and fruits 3- tea, coffee, and herbal teas 4- types of flour products; rice flour , vegetable and fruit powder 5- Supplying all kinds of raw materials for food industries 6- Research and development and production in the field of healthy and new food products. This company plans to launch more than 200 healthy food products in the coming years.

Ariana Nasim Shamal operates in the field of production and supply of all kinds of processed cereal products, herbal tea, tea and baby food. We believe that food security is the right of all people. Therefore, we always try to produce and distribute all kinds of healthy, hygienic related products with high nutritional value and high quality according to international standards in Iran and export target markets, taking into account the preservation of the health of the society and Environment by applying technology, creativity and innovation by experienced human resources according to organizational-social principles, maintaining and developing competent human resources, increasing production and variety of products in addition to paying attention to sustainable growth in domestic and foreign markets in addition to honoring customers and employees, to provide reasons for satisfaction.

At Ariana Nasim Shamal, we always try to produce healthy and safe food products from processed bran, herbal tea and tea, baby food, all kinds of seeds and their sprouts, by using the latest scientific findings and modern technologies. have been prepared and produced to have a tremendous step in the target markets. Therefore, the vision of Ariana Nasim Shamal until the end of 1404 is as follows:

  • Exporting products to export target markets to increase brand influence in the global trade arena
  • Being among the most worthy brands among the final consumers of the food industry by maintaining and continuously improving the safety, quality and variety of manufactured products.

Ariana Nasim Shamal Company operates in the field of production and packaging of all kinds of healthy food products at the highest quality level, with the attitude of developing the culture of healthy food consumption. And with trained and experienced manpower, it operates in the form of a production unit in compliance with international principles in order to improve the quality level of products and services. In order to systematize the processes, this group has chosen the quality and safety management system under the international standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018, HACCP and ISO 14001:2015 and the national standards of Iran as the implementation model and the belief It is possible to provide a successful and continuous service by using new management tools, therefore, this set of policy guidelines is based on the following axes and considers itself committed to its effective implementation:

  1. Continuous and continuous training, external and internal, of employees and personnel as company assets and protecting them against injuries and occupational diseases and improving quality management processes and systems by taking advantage of their talents, creativity and innovations .
  2. Efforts to produce products with superior quality and safety in order to reduce complaints, deliver products and services on time, attract new customers, and increase customer satisfaction.
  3. Increasing production capacity, reducing waste and rework, reaching foreign and domestic markets in order to increase financial receipts and profitability.
  4. Knowing the risk and crisis points in order to maintain the safety and health of the product.
  5. Use of modern equipment, efficient, expert and creative force to improve product quality and produce new products.
  6. Identifying and monitoring all indicators of environmental pollution and complying with environmental laws to protect the environment
  7. The participation and cooperation of managers in order to increase the productivity and efficiency of production.
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Engineer Babantaj

Ariana Nasim Shamal Company Holding Group (111 Food Industries, Mapin Food Industries, 111 Plus Food Industries) Ariana Nasim Shamal Group of Companies, with the support of its founder's valuable and effective experiences, in the production and industrial fields of infrastructure in 2013 with the establishment of a unit It provides the production and packaging of food products and from the very beginning, by producing organic and health-oriented food products, it led the approach of Iranian consumers from consuming bulk products and lacking necessary standards to packaging products. In 2013, he continued his professional work by setting up a well-equipped factory in the Sar Sabz region of northern Iran, Mazandaran. And at the same time, by obtaining the necessary health standards and licenses from the General Directorate of Standards and the Ministry of Health and Medicine, it was able to gain a greater share in the domestic and foreign markets. And with the establishment of food safety standards such as ISO 45001, HACCP, ISO 14001, ISO22000 and ISO9001, it standardized its products in a global manner and fulfilled part of its mission of providing healthy food for smart Iranian consumers. Continuity of quality and innovation of food industry 111 has been chosen by the General Directorate of Food and Drug Organization as the top brand for consecutive years. Receiving the halal logo, participating in numerous domestic and foreign exhibitions proves the determination of food industry 111 to be present in global markets. Now Aryanansim North Company Holding with three brands of 111 Food Industries, Mapin Food Industries, and 111 Plus Food Industries with more than 200 products and like-minded employees is considered one of the important industrial and production hubs of the country.