111 food industry group brands

Aryana Nasim Shomal

Introduction to Aryana Nasim Shomal Brands

Aryana Nasim Shomal Company, equipped with trained and experienced human resources, operates as a production unit while adhering to international principles to enhance the quality of its products and services. This group aiming to systematize process, has implemented the quality and safety management systems certified by the food and drug administration, Iranian national standards, international halal certifications, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, HACCP and ISO 14001:2015. Aryana Nasim Shomal believes that successful and continuous service can be achieved through the utilization of innovative management tools.

Food Industries Group 111 is engaged in the production, processing, packaging and supply of various products such as rice, bran, germ powder, flour, various types of tea and herbal tea. We are constantly striving to make a wide range of organic and health-oriented food products available to all consumers from every social class with the best quality and most reasonable prices. Our inherent commitment lies in the dedication to quality, efficiency and innovative thinking that position us as a leader in the market.

Mapin Brand was established within the Ariana Nasim Shomal Company with the aim of expanding the production of healthy and innovative food products for various segments of society seeking a healthy lifestyle. We are committed to leveraging our professional and youthful expertise to produce better products. Successfully creating products with delightful and unique flavors, our goal is to have them perfectly fit into your kitchen. Our objective is to develop natural and healthy products that enhance the wellness of your lifestyle.

Brand 111 Plus is a subsidiary of Ariana Nasim Shomal Company and was established with the goal of enhancing the quality of Brand 111 products with a focus on health-oriented product manufacturing. The 111 Plus products are recognized as innovative offerings in the market. All products under this brand are enriched with vitamins and protein, providing consumers with a healthier choice. This contributes significantly to the health of society and the environment.

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